Bitcoin Code Scam
One of the team at FXaxe was browsing the web the other day on the lookout for interesting proposals from the Binary Options and Forex scene.

He didn’t have to browse too long until he came across an interesting proposal called the “Bitcoin Code”. Intrigued by the name he decided to visit the page. Our reviewer was also well versed in a number of binary option scam tactics and he wanted to get a better sense of the proposal of the Bitcoin code.

Firstly, the Bitcoin code follows a similar line to other Binary Option scams. They clearly used the name “Bitcoin” to obscure the fact that this was nothing but a Binary Options robot scam.

A Familiar Pitch

Firstly, the story is about some developer who is named Steve McKay. He used to work for some large hedge fund on Wall Street but prefers not to disclose the company.

He claims that his boss gave him the assignment to code something in the Crypto market that could make more money for their clients. Our astute friend Steve did just that.

However, after handing it over to his boss, he learned that his boss was only using it to make money and not help his clients. That is really greedy and Steve is a great guy. He wanted to let other people know about the code. He therefore stole it from the firm and made $18,484,931.77 in profits (oddly specific).

Taking a look at the rest of the page, there are a number of other signs that you need to sign up quickly otherwise you could lose your spot. This includes information such as the “number of free copies” in the left and a rolling screen of people who have made money from the system on the right. You will also notice some exit popups that try to make you think that you are missing out on something spectacular.

There are also numerous pictures of suspiciously good looking people who are enjoying the high life all across the world. Also, Steve McKay also works as a stock photography model. Busy guy!

Bitcoin Code Scam

In reality, what you are looking at are marketing gimmicks. The people who developed this page know that visual cues are very important and they wanted you to really feel jealous of these good looking rich folk.

The Testimonials

It seems that there is no shortage users who would be willing to profess their believe in the Bitcoin code system. They look like such a diverse group of people from all walks of life. One thing is universal though, the Bitcoin code scam changed their life.

They are all using familiar scripts that sound too good to be true. They all were initially “sceptical” but after trying it out have nothing but blind faith in the Bitcoin code.

Scam Testimonials Bitcoin Code

Some have quite their job, others have dug themselves out of debt. Still more can’t believe the luck that was bestowed on them. Essentially these are all fraud testimonials that have used the words very carefully.

In marketing speak, they are using “Pain points”. These are essentially tactics that either make you regret your life or want to strive for more. Be wise and don’t allow your emotions to take over. And, of course as with Mr McKay, they all look a great deal like some stock photography.

The Video

The video takes the viewer through the full sales pitch of what this revolutionary new software is and how you can make money from it. You will also notice that it starts automatically on landing which is another pushy tactic.

Within a first few seconds we get the guy below. He looks relatively genuine but he also looks like some low pay actor I saw on Fiverr some time ago. Actually it is exactly the same person as you can see in the side by side. I wonder whether this guy knows his “acting” is being used as a pure out Bitcoin code scam.

Scam Actor Bitcoin Code

With regards to the other testimonials, one would have thought that newly minted millionaires would have been able to afford better houses and have dressed a bit more professionally? But I digress…

The video also shows us quite a few screenshots of bank accounts with millions of dollars in them. Ok Steve, we get it, you have millions. Why are you so pushy with the evidence though? Also, we all used Microsoft paint back in primary school so these are easy to fake.

The video continues with the introduction of Mr McKay telling us that he has NOTHING to sell us. That is greatly reassuring. He also mentions that he was on CNN, Wall street journal and Forbes. I just wish Steve would have shared the links to these articles on his page so that I could have more information on it.

When he makes his offer, he claims that he wants to help only 25 people. This looks like a super secretive offer that only you can be a part of. Only you can join this exclusive club of secret millionaires that Steve is making. It also only requires $250, a suspiciously familiar number. Ah yes, $250 is the minimum deposit at many of these scam brokers and the amount that the broker requires in order to go along with this charade.

Steve also just gives us a live demo of the automatic trading that requires only a “few clicks”. He shows that the account grew from $250 to $14,000 in 24 hours. Now I would never blame the person that has been scammed but you have to question the idea that anyone can realistically believe such claims. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is!

The Call

Obviously, at FXaxe we want to be entirely thorough when it comes to our reviews. Hence, we provided our information and completed the steps. We then proceeded to wait for the inevitable call from an unregulated broker.

After signing up to the Bitcoin Code scam I received a call within 5 minutes from a 31 year Italian women who we will call “Lydia” (I got this information over some polite chit chat we exchanged after painting an excellent dreamlike picture of my life with The Bitcoin Code in it).

Lydia kindly told me I had signed up for a life changing experience and I was one of the lucky few who very possibly could be about to become a millionaire.

I had so many questions.

Where was she from? Her office sounded completely empty except for Beyoncé booming out in the background. After turning down the volume (reluctantly upon my request) she alerted me the office was in London.

When pressed further on the location of the nightclub/office, she murmured “somewhere in the North”. As a North Londoner I was fascinated by new neighbour and pressed further. Sadly after some frantic typing the response of Stratford led me to believe that she may not have in fact been totally honest with her location.

Not letting a white lie get in the way of my early retirement, I listened intently on how a $250 deposit into an unregulated brokerage was the key to eternal happiness (the unregulated brokerage wasn’t a problem apparently due to the fact that European regulations are untrustworthy. Plus MasterCard would never allow them to do anything untoward).


As long time industry experts, we can conclusively say that the Bitcoin code is nothing but a binary option scam. It was developed by some affiliate marketer who was working with the broker to bring in new business.

We were also not surprised that we got a call from an unregulated broker with a really pushy sales person. They were vague on the facts and made ridiculous claims. For us, broker regulation is one of the most important considerations when investing. No regulated broker would have used such a scammy tactic.

These are what are termed “make money funnels” and are a good way for the broker to get newbie clients who will believe random people on the internet. Make the smart choice today and don’t fall for the Bitcoin Code Scam!