Gemini 2 ScamThe internet is indeed a weird and wonderful place. Sometimes you land on really interesting marketing proposals and supposed investment oppurtunties. As seasoned Forex traders and scam busters, the team at FXaxe comes across these types of proposals quite often.

This indeed happened to us just a few days ago when we were browsing Yahoo news services. We came across an image in the sponsored ad section with a guy standing in front of some exotic cars with a juicy title “How people are making millions from home”.

We could not resist and clicked through to see exactly what we were in store for. We came across a landing page that was marketing the Gemini 2 company. We then decided to watch the video that conveniently started playing for us. That was where the fun began….

After going through a few checks, we came to the conclusion that the Gemini 2 app was nothing but a scam. Below we will give you a full analysis and review that we had found about the Gemini 2 scam.

The Familiar MO

Once you land on the front page of the Gemini 2 scam, a video will start to play. Above the video, they state that you could become a “beta tester”. You could be one of the lucky few who could use the app to make at least $12,341.37 per week (oddly specific).

Below the video you have the option to join Gemini 2 and go on to the next page. It seems as if there is no other information on the page such as “about us”, “contact us” or any of the usual disclaimers. There are also no terms / conditions and not a shred of information about the company.

This is surprising as it looks as if there may be something to hide. Not to let a few legal disclaimers and other small details deter our experience, we decided to power on and watch the video. We were desperate to learn how we could make that amount of money.

The Video

The video was truly an interesting spectacle. There is nothing we love more than to see low paid actors drive rental lamborghinis complete with paper number plates. The storyline is indeed quite similar to a number of the other binary option scams that we have come across.

In this case, our wunderkind is an ex Google engineer called “Brandon Lewis”. Brandon has now developed a revolutionary piece of software that has to be kept a secret. However, a small group of his Beta testers have the chance to test out the platform.

It always amazes us that systems that were supposed to be secret and not replicated by the “greedy banks” are mass marketed through some of most trafficked websites in the world. Somebody should get hold of the Gemini 2 marketing guy and give him the memo.

Back to the video, Brandon then takes us into his glamorous office to show us how the Gemini 2 app works. He takes us through his amazing trading results where there were virtually zero losses through the entire day. No surprise that Gemini 2 scam claims that you can have a 100% success ratio with their app.

Scam Video for Gemini 2 App

Brandon then hits the streets to try and find a Beta tester for his program. After an unsuccessful attempt he manages to meet a guy called Jerry Price who can barely afford to pay rent. Brandon then makes an interesting proposal to Jerry about being a Beta tester.

Brandon then sets Jerry up with the app and claims that it will change his life and earn him $1,000 in the next 20 minutes. Jerry signs up, starts trading and makes just what Brandon promised. Brandon is indeed a lifesaver as he shows Jerry how to withdraw is fresh new money.

The story goes on and Brandon leaves Jerry with the app for a couple of weeks. He then cuts back to his office to use some pretty low grade appeals. “You may have been scammed before” and “I know you feel like an idiot”. They are trying to appeal to human instincts in an inhumane way by appearing to sound empathetic.

At the end of the video we discover to our absolute shock that Jerry has now become a millionaire and is living his dream. Yet the most important point that they would like to get across to you is that this is something that you can do too.

We also noticed that there were a “number of spots” flashing at the top of the screen. This was decreasing from 5 and slowly went down to only 1 spot. However, it just stuck there. Nobody was claiming that spot! If we grabbed that spot are we part of the “lucky” ones or are we part of the suckers who would fall for it.

Well, we do indeed want to be like Jerry and Brandon with their fabulous exotic cars and their upper middle class mansions. So, we decided to move on and progress to the next stage…

The “Members Area”

Once we hit the “sign up” button, we are taken to the special member’s area. Here we are presented with a form to fill in our all-important details. We also have another video of our Google savant as he tells us how close we are to our lucky millions.

Below the video there is a familiar screen with the list of traders who were trading with the Gemini app at that time. No surprise that all of the trades coming through were winning trades. Brandon did promise that there would not be a single losing trade.

Below that we have another group of Beta testers who are all smiling with the nice lovely checks that they have from the Gemini app. Why are they all wearing the same type of shirts? Why do the checks look slightly photo shopped? Moreover, why is Gemini paying them? I thought that the trading was done on a trading platform?

Scam Checks for Gemini 2 App

So many questions, we needed someone to answer them so we gave over our information and waited for some all important information from Brandon himself.

The Broker Calls

Once we handed over our information, we were surprised to get numerous calls from at least 4 different brokers. Three of them offered Binary Options and one was a CFD provider. I think it goes without mentioning that all of these brokers were unregulated. The team at FXaxe will always checking broker regulation before investing.

We asked about the Gemini app but they did not seem to know much about it (perhaps even scam brokers think it’s too scammy). Nevertheless, we were offered attractive returns on our investments of 50-100% a week. They offered to “manage” an account for us which screams of a typical managed account scam.

The brokers all claimed to be calling from London but when pressed they could not properly locate the offices. We know the city inside out so knew that they were fabricating it. Indeed, one of the brokers appeared to have a warning from the FCA about their illicit operations for defrauding UK investors.

In the case of the CFD broker, it was even more perplexing. We wanted to get a sense of how much leverage, trading options and spreads. Yet it seemed as if the broker did not even know what a CFD was. We were being pitched it as though it was a Binary Option.

So in the end, we were left with a lot of time spent speaking to brokers who could not give us any information on the illusive Gemini 2 app. I think it goes without saying that we were slightly disappointed so we decided to look for the app in other locations.

Search for the Mobile App

No App Gemini on ItunesWe remembered that in the video, Brandon was showing Jerry how he could use the app when they were in the bar. Therefore, we decided to take a deeper look and see whether we could locate this app on the app store.

To our great surprise, the app was not available on either the Apple Itunes store or the Google play store. You can take a look now in either of the stores to make sure for yourself.

Of course, one can understand this. Google and Apple have strict policies about when it comes to apps that are meant to scam people. This is the reason that one cannot find the Gemini app anywhere on any of these stores.


The Gemini app is nothing but a Binary option scam that we have seen on nearly every corner of the internet. It is essentially a marketing funnel that tries to get unsuspecting traders to deposit their money with an unregulated broker.

It is a lead generation funnel that uses some of the crassest marketing tactics to solicit people who are usually looking for some miracle cure for their trading solutions. Once you have deposited money with the broker then the affiliate marketer who developed the funnel will get paid for sending you over.

However, this is only just when your troubles start. Now that the broker has you in their claws they will use a number of other “upsell” tactics. These are such schemes as “managed account” solutions or indeed other option robot scams or signals. This is also where a simple deposit of $250 made in good faith can balloon to debts in the hundreds of thousands.

The team at FXaxe can conclusively say that the Gemini 2 app is a complete scam. There are no quick and easy shortcuts to trading success and the Gemini 2 scam has indeed proven that to us.