Choosing The Best Binary Options Broker

Binary options trading can be very profitable, but overwhelming, especially if you are new to binary options. Having a reliable binary options broker is essential to making sure that you have the services and security you need to start trading safely. If you are interested in choosing the best binary broker, there are a few factors you have to research before you make a regulation.


Regulation is a key issue in the world of binary options trading and should be one of the first factors you consider. The qualifications brokers have to meet in order to be regulated will vary, but a binary options broker that is licensed has to maintain certain legal and financial standards.

Most countries have their own financial regulatory body for binary options brokers. In the United States, it is the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Members of the European Union accept brokers that are registered with another country within the EU, particularly Cyprus, where the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission oversees many binary options platforms.

We recently covered all of the broker regulations across the E.U., UK, US and Australia. It is important for the trader to know their rights under the various regulatory agencies.

Trading Platforms

Choosing The Best Binary Options Broker

Another key factor in choosing the best binary options broker is the quality of their trading platform. If the platform or software is not well-designed and is difficult to navigate, it can result in failed trades. The platform should be easy for you to navigate so that you don’t waste time searching while you are trying to make a trade. It should also be able to support multiple pairs of currency combinations and offer financial tools to help you analyze the market.

Mobility is another feature of the trading platform you may want to assess. Mobile trading eliminates the need for you to sit in front of your computer. Brokers who offer mobile versions of their platforms so that their customers can make and monitor their trades from anywhere in the world understand the value of convenience and addressing the needs of their customers.

Customer Support

When you give your money to a business in exchange for a product or service, you expect to receive some form of personal customer service. This also applies to a binary options broker. The quality of customer service you receive can be an indication of the how much value the broker places on clients and the quality of the company. The support staff should be knowledgeable and easy to reach through a variety of contact options, including live chats and email.

Security of Funds

Your binary options broker should have the necessary safeguards in place to keep your funds secure and have policies that will allow you to have peace of mind when you quickly deposit funds for trading and withdraw your money from your account.

Check to see if the broker you are considering holds traders’ deposits in an account separate from the company’s funds. This is a measure that can prevent your money from being used to pay for the company’s debt obligations if it goes out of business. Binary options brokers should also have a certain amount of capital on hand so that they will be able to settle their traders’ claims timely.

Read Broker Reviews

The binary options trading market is flooded with brokers, which can make it difficult to choose a reputable company. In order to select one of the best binary options brokers, you will have put in a little effort in order to do the best research. A good place to start your research is with FXaxe’s extensive list of broker reviews. The best binary option brokers will be properly regulated and offer efficient trading platforms and services that will provide you with what you need to make safe trades.