If you are someone looking to improve your knowledge surrounding forex trading and learn new strategies that actually work, there is no better option than to turn to relevant literature written on the topic. Whether you’re a forex beginner wanting to grasp the basics of forex trading or an institutional trader wanting to learn about the fundamentals on a deeper level there is a book that will help YOU on your forex journey.


When there are so many forex books available and you only have a small amount of time to spend on reading, you need to find the best books that will be worth your time.


Here are FIVE forex trading books that you can sink your teeth into and come out the other side a more knowledgeable Forex trader.


  1. Currency Trading for Dummies

Kathleen Brooks and Brian Dolan


This is a great forex trading book for everyone who is starting their journey into the forex trading field. “For Dummies” series is famous for its ability to introduce a complex topic in a simple way. The book has everything a new trader must know about the forex market.  


Currency Trading for Dummies also teaches about the global forex market, its scope, size, players, and other impactful economic drivers as well. It also covers topics like risk management, currency pairs, and how to be a successful trader. All of these make the perfect forex trading books for a beginner to gain basic knowledge. 


  1. The Black Book of Forex Trading

Paul Langer


This is a book that promises to show a proven method to become a profitable trader in four months and reach your financial freedom by doing it. It is aimed at intermediate and beginner traders who want to succeed with the help of forex trading. 

The book will show how to plan personalized winning strategies to maximize the benefits with fewer risks. In addition, the book also shows traders how to control emotions and not be biased when making financial decisions. 


  1. The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading 

Jared Martinez


Looking for a guide to using trading tools and techniques effectively at minimal risks to gain better results? Then, this is the forex trading book for you. In addition to that, it also provides the rules for turning trading patterns into profits. 


As the title of the book shows, it comes with 10 techniques that traders can use to get better at forex trading. The book is a great read for forex traders of any experience level. 


  1. How to Start a Trading Business with $500

Heiken Ashi Trader


The forex trading book is a great read for new traders who are starting with small capital. The book comes with a step-by-step guide on how to succeed in forex trading with limited capital. 


The concept of the book is to provide a realistic approach to the trading scene and not expand a business to reach greater heights. In conclusion, If you are a new trader with small capital, give this a try. It will teach you how to put your foot in the trading sector with what you got.


  1. Trading in the Zone

Mark Douglas


This book focuses on the psychology of trading and emphasizes the importance of having the right mindset when approaching the markets. Douglas argues that most traders fail not because they lack knowledge or skills, but because they are unable to control their emotions and make rational decisions in the face of uncertainty.


To overcome these psychological barriers, Douglas suggests developing a “trading plan” that takes into account your personal goals, risk tolerance, and trading style. He also provides practical advice on how to manage risk, deal with losses, and avoid common mistakes that can sabotage your trading.

Reading some of the great books about forex trading will expand your trading knowledge and enable you to make better decisions in the markets. Hopefully our selection of forex trading books will help you get started in forex trading with the right knowledge or propel your trading to the next level.

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