Funded Accounts

Forex Trading can be tricky if you don’t have sufficient capital to start with, anxiety about losing your own hard-earned cash and psychological pressures can hinder your decision making.

Have you run into any of these problems on your trading journey?

Well, a funded trading account using a prop firm might be the answer. 

To become a funded trader you must take on a trading challenge and pass verification stages. Is your journey to a six figure Forex trader about to begin?

Check out the best Prop Firms and what they offer below!

Maven Trading

The EASIEST Prop firm to get funded! No time limits, low targets and industry leading trading conditions. Pretty cheap too!

– Thriving Discord community and excellent support team.

– Unique account reset feature once a challenge has been passed.

– Request payouts anytime after 14 days. Available after just 1% gain on your Funded Account!


Funded Next

Maximise your trading success. Trade up to $300,000 on a simulated account and earn up to 95% profit split.

– 15% Profit Share from the Challenge phase. This is an industry first.

– Client Dashboard provides live updated trading statistics to aid hitting targets and risk management.

– Their famous ‘Stellar’ Challenge provides exceptional trading conditions for all types of trader.

Crypto Fund Trader

Your first choice for Cryptocurrency Funded Accounts. Trade all the major cryptocurrencies at 1:100 Leverage. Why not try the 5k account?

– Highest leverage offering for cryptocurrency traders.

– Trade over 20 cryptocurrencies with industry leading trading conditions.

– Also offers all other asset classes. Interactive dashboard makes profit tracking simple!


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