Funded Accounts

Forex Trading can be tricky if you don’t have sufficient capital to start with, anxiety about losing your own hard-earned cash and psychological pressures can hinder your decision making.

Have you run into any of these problems on your trading journey?

Well, a funded trading account using a prop firm might be the answer. Are you a profitable trader with a smaller account, not happy with your monetary gains?

At FX Axe we found that FundedNext are the best option that provide profitable traders with capital up to $300,000. The trader can lock in up to 90% of the profit that’s made using the funded account. Here are a few more benefits at FundedNext:

-15% Profit Share from the Challenge Stage. This is an industry first!

-‘Stellar’ Challenge offers the best trading conditions in the industry giving YOU the best opportunity to become funded!

-The Client Dashboard provides live trading statistics ensuring you are clued up when it comes to hitting profit targets and managing risk!

To become a funded trader you must take on a trading challenge and pass verification stages. Is your journey to a six figure Forex trader about to begin?

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