Broker Reviews

One of the most important initial decisions that the investor must make is which broker to register and trade with. Choosing the right broker can be pivotal to your trading performance and hence the reason for Broker reviews. There have also been a number of “scam” brokers who have taken investor for a ride. This is unfortunate as it creates uncertainty for potential investors.

When it comes to choosing a binary options broker, there are so many factors that differentiate brokers. These range from practical considerations such as the deposit and withdrawal requirements and restrictions to the more complicated like the bonus system and types of trades offered. Most of this information can only be gleaned from an in depth analysis of the brokers terms and conditions. This is not always practical for a busy investor. Similarly, alot of broker considerations can not be examined unless an investor has actually used the service. These include the platform functionality and support responsiveness.

That is why we at FXaxe have decided to review as many brokers as possible so that you can make the most informed decision. We delve into all of the important details and legal small print. We also have our in house traders use the platform in order to test the broker’s offering. In order to most simplify your decision, we use a simple rating system which grades each broker.

We also value feedback from you, our valued fellow investors. If you have any suggestions, comments or additional questions we would be more than happy to answer them. Please contact Janet on